Regardless of occupation, every worker is at risk for an injury on the job. The injury may be immediate, such as a courier involved in an auto accident or a construction worker slipping on a scaffold. The injury may occur over time with repetition, such as a stocker suffering back sprain from heavy lifting or an office worker being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers’ compensation is a valuable safety net for workers who suffer an injury. Employers are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. The Law Offices of Gabor Szabo can help you navigate the difficult workers’ compensation claim process, starting with a free consultation. Basic benefits of workers’ compensation include:

  • Medical treatment
  • Temporary disability payments
  • Permanent disability payments
  • Lump sum payment options

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury on the job, contact The Law Offices of Gabor Szabo today. Legitimate workers’ compensation claims may be denied by aggressive insurance companies. The insurance company will sometimes claim that you have not been injured, or that the injury you have suffered is not serious enough to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. As a result, you can lose critical benefits, including medical care and financial assistance. Gabor Szabo stands up to the insurance company and gets our clients the treatment they deserve.

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