A divorce is the legal ending of a marriage. Every state has different requirements in terms of how to complete a divorce, but all require a judge to review and approve the divorce settlement or, if the spouses can’t agree to a settlement, decide how property will be divided and how parenting time will be shared.

During our initial consultation, I will address the issues you are facing and develop a comprehensive strategy that fits your needs. Below are some questions that will be addressed when you come into the office.


How will spousal maintenance/alimony be determined?
How will your business income be influenced?
How will divorce affect a professional practice/partnership?


How will your assets be evaluated?
How does the court deal with separate property one spouse owned before the marriage?
What will happen to the family home?
How can you determine whether your spouse has been hiding assets?
What does equitable division of property mean?

How will custody be determined?
How much child support will be awarded?
How can you ensure you obtain the custody order that is fair?
What mistakes should you avoid that may jeopardize your custodial time?

What can you do to strengthen your position?
How can you protect your assets until a settlement has been reached?

How can you avoid a litigious and costly divorce?
What can you realistically expect your costs to be based on your specific set of circumstances?