Our society depends on contracts to enable corporations and individuals to transact business and pursue their goals. Most business litigation handled by the Firm involves at least one contract dispute. The resolution of such disagreements can be a high-stakes matter for all involved. Attorney Gabor Szabo has successfully represented businesses of all sizes in contract disputes. While the nature of the practice will sometimes call for appearances in state and federal courts around the United States, most disputes handled by the firm are concentrated in Los Angeles.

The firm has in-depth experience in a wide range of breach of contract disputes, including:

Commercial contracts and general business contracts
Buy/Sell agreements
Shareholder controversies
Operating agreements and partnership agreements
Sales contracts
Employment contracts
Contracts for the sale of real estate
Non-compete agreements
Confidentiality agreements
Service agreements
Warranties and guaranties
Insurance contracts
Construction contracts
Consumer contracts
Government contracts

Unlike many firms, our philosophy is to approach each case as though it would be tried, not settled. While most cases should, in fact, be settled, early trial preparation tends to lead to better results whether at the settlement table or in court, and sends a message to the other side that the outcome of the case will be guided by sound business considerations, not by the fear of trial that some firms have. Despite this approach, most cases do settle out of court, and most of our clients find that such settlements provide a less expensive and more discreet resolution than taking the case to trial.

Another option we offer our business clients, when advantageous, is to submit their contract dispute to mediation, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution procedure. Oftentimes a confidential, inexpensive, and agreeable resolution can be reached through ADR, allowing the parties to continue transacting business with each other on favorable terms.